Accessing Childminder play group at Victoria house
Ball rolling, problem solving, celebrating Chinese new year also
Bending down avoiding a bang to the head, figuring it out, making a connection
Bubbles the guinea pig, being cared for gently
Can I stay on, I got up by myself, forwards, backwards, sometimes sideways, language for thinking, knowledge of the world
Celebrating Chinese New year, attempting her own name in Chinese style writing
Celebrating Chinese New year, using Red their colour of luck, painting lanterns and pictures of a Chinese family
Celebrating Chinese New year, what colour to choose, which hand is the best for the job!
Checking out environmental print like numbers and shapes, drawing their attention to their names and colours as part of everyday chatter
Childminder drop in at Orchard Vale school, the water is funny when it falls and moves
Climbing, using all her balance and muscles, thinking about her next move
Concentrating, solo play, what can be made, how long with it be
Concentration, judgement, what do I need, where should I put it, what do I want it to look like
Faster, slower, round and round, talk about the movements, directions, do we like it, get off, stay on
Garden play during winter, wet and muddy, but we play anyway
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