Daily Routine

We have a very busy week, but this is an example of my daily routine.

0830 School run
0930-1130 Playgroup
1200-1300 Lunch
1300-1500 Home play or sleep time.
1500-1530 School run
1530-1700 Free play

During the day, lots of exciting things happen for the children. They get to play and meet up with children who they bond with and make friendships. They learn how to become independent at chosing thier own activities, and communicate their own ideas. They learn about routines and the local communities. I provide an environment for them to flourish.

During the school closures, some of the groups close down, and we find other things to do. We like to go and use all the local parks in the community, catch the bus and go for a walk in the local woodlands. I have arranged visits to the Police Station, Fire station, and other places of interest.

All the time I am constantly working within The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, and providing fun and enjoyment the whole time.


Scarecrow at Rosemoor Gardens