I'm proud to have completed my Foundation Degree - June 2014

The last four years included:

I examined the role of the early years practitioner, the range of education and care provision, and the importance of early years environments for enabling young children’s learning and development. I developed reflective skills in relation to: working with parents, colleagues and other professionals; play, learning and development; and safeguarding children. I developed my knowledge and understanding of how children develop and learn. I developed my understanding of the concept of being a reflective practitioner and the professional expectations of being a leading practitioner in the early years workforce.

The foundation degree developed and enhanced the intellectual and practical skills required by non-teacher professionals working at an advanced level in the field of early years.

The Foundation Degree in Early Years has been developed in association with employers and professional associations, and in England is considered a ‘full and relevant’ qualification for the purposes of registration and regulation – which means I would count in the qualified ratio of staff at Level 3.


Foundation Degree 4th year started

Tackling Domestic Violence and Abuse 20 July 2013

Safeguarding Children and Young People 22 April 2013

Provider Network Meeting Spring 2013

EYFS progress check at age 2 26 January 2013



Foundation Degree 3rd Year started

EYFS Briefing 19 July 2012

Awareness of Child Abuse & Neglect Core V4 29 June 2012

Provider Network Meeting Summer Term 2012

Provider Network Meeting Spring Term 2012




Foundation Degree 2nd Year started

Certificate in Early Years Practice OU 31 July 2011

Combined Network and OUT Meeting Spring Term 2011


Foundation Degree started October 2010

Combined Network and OUT Meeting 9 November 2010

Childminders Workshop 6 November 2010

Safeguarding Awareness Level 2 19 October 2010

Combined Network and OUT Meeting 24 May 2010

Doorstep training on communication 28 May 2010

Devon Celebrating Quality Evening 11 May 2010

Working in partnership with Childrens Centre 20 April 2010

Combined Network and OUT Meeting 9 March 2010

ICAN language & communication 9 March 2010



VBS 12 November 2009, Ofsted meeting 7 October 2009, Childminders Workhop 3 October 2009

Network meeting 25 June 2009, Ofsted meeting 16 June 2009, AXS01 6 June 2009

Cluster meeting June 2009


Code of Practice 18 November 2008, Observation, Assessment and Planning course 0-5 years 5 July 2008

Door step training session on delivering Music 3 July 2008, Letters and Sounds 14 May 2008

1st Aid April 2008, Cluster meeting March 2008, Ofsted update meeting 7 Feburary 2008


Ofsted update meeting 21 March 2007, Activities for the Under 2's 24 March 2007
Level 2 award in Food Safety 29 March 2007, Supporting Children's Emotions Workshop 1 May 2007
Ofsted update meeting 5 June 2007, Introduction to Schemas for 0-5 year olds 9 June 2007
Creative Play - drama for all workshop 16 July 2007, Out of school play workshop 22 September 2007
Briefing for childminders on the EYFS September 2007
Instruction in issues relating to race and prejudice in settings 10 November 2007

CACHE Certificate in Playwork - an NVQ level 2 nationally recognised qualification January 2007

Birth to Three Matters Workshop on 20 March 2007

NVQ 3 qualification in Childrens Care, Learning and Development March 2007


Special Education Needs Workshop on 31st May 2006, Child Protection Workshop on 21st September 2006


St Johns Ambulance 1st Aid Training on 21st May 2005, Quality Assurance road-show on 18th October 2005
Workshop on Introducing Culture and Diversity in the Early Years on 2nd November 2005
Behaviour Management Course for Birth to Three Matters on 22nd November 2005 


DCMA Foundation course on 22nd October 2004, Business workshop through the DCMA on 1st December 2004

 Training to attend

Provider Network meetings

Tutorials for Foundation Degree

As you can see from the above, I am attending regular training to ensure my practice stays as up to date as possible.